Southern Saskatchewan landfill approved to accept expanded waste types for commercial and industrial generators

Surprise Valley, SK, June 4, 2019—GAP Disposal

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment has approved GAP Disposal’s request to accept all inert waste from large-scale commercial and industrial clients, as well as residential and local producers (contractors, demolition crews, etc.). This includes construction and demolition materials such as asbestos, as well as flood and fire debris.

Located in Surprise Valley of southern Saskatchewan, the GAP Landfill has been serving oilfield and industrial clients since 2002. With this amendment, GAP will now be able to accept a wider range of waste from a much wider range of producers.

Chris LaBossiere, CEO of Local Waste Services and co-owner of GAP Disposal, marks this as an important step in the company’s long-term plans. “Our goal,” he says, “is to meet the complete waste disposal needs of southern Saskatchewan, as well as to expand into the Montana and US market.”

Chris LaBossiere

Right now, the expanded mandate of GAP Disposal will take significant pressure off Regina and other municipal landfills in southern Saskatchewan. GAP intends to open a transfer station for inert, non-putrescible waste in Regina, offering affordable waste disposal to all producers and hopefully reducing plans for the expansion of the City of Regina Landfill.

GAP will continue to develop markets in Saskatchewan and bordering states by seeking out new partnerships and developing future permit amendments and expansions as needed, including a potential expansion for municipal solid waste (MSW).

About GAP Disposal (2016) Inc.

The GAP Landfill has been serving oilfield and industrial clients in Southern Saskatchewan since 2002, operating under a permit issued by Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment. Since construction the facility has been thoroughly audited by oil & gas and industrial clients and undergone both WRAP and WFER third-party audit programs. Our facility design, operational excellence, and premium customer service have been a cornerstone of the southern Saskatchewan environmental community for over 14 years.

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Chris LaBossiere, co-owner of Gap Disposal

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