Our facility design and liability management systems

The GAP landfill is constructed to Saskatchewan MOE, Alberta class II, and US subtitle D specifications. These elements include:

Accept materials:

  • Oil and gas waste
  • Contaminated soil
  • Distillate based invert mud
  • Asbestos
  • Sulphur waste
  • Paint solids
  • Construction and demolition waste
  • Fire and flood debris
  • Filter cakes
  • Agricultural waste
  • Dual Liner System constructed of engineered clay combined with geo-synthetic poly liner. The clay is engineered and compacted to a hydraulic conductivity of 10-7 cm/s, over which a 60mil geosynthetic liner is installed with a sand layer to protect the liner and promote drainage into the Leachate Collection System.

  • Leachate Collection System constructed of trenching and perforated piping above the liner system to collect and remove any downward migration of moisture through the active landfill cell.

  • Groundwater Monitoring Wells installed both up-gradient and down-gradient of the site, which are monitored regularly to ensure the integrity of the liner system.

  • Gap Disposal Waste Tracking Software allows us to accurately track all incoming loads by scale ticket #, manifest #, date, incoming/outgoing/net weight, and truck number.

  • Engineered Leachate Storage Facility designed to store excess leachate in the event of significant rain/snow events. This facility is also constructed with a dual liner system similar to the landfill cells in order to ensure a premium level of liability management.

  • Waste Approvals Program utilizing our Customer Waste Approval from, analytical review professionals, and quality control/assurance program for all incoming waste materials.

  • Run-On/Run-Off Controls to prevent storm water entering the active landfill face.

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