Our approvals process Upon receipt of your completed Customer Waste Application Form and any applicable supporting documentation, our approvals professionals will review the application package.

Once approved, our landfill group will contact you with your project-specific Waste Approval Number and to coordinate shipping date and times.

The Landfill Office will pre-print waste manifests for your project. The waste manifest is a 4-part chain of custody document that is signed by the generator, transporter and landfill (with copies being supplied to each of these 3 points during the shipping process). A fourth copy of the manifest is sent to the client with the final project invoice package (which consists of the invoice, the scale tickets, and the manifests).

Download online customer waste approval form

To obtain a Customer Waste Approval Form from us directly call (306) 969-4427 or email

Invoices can be sent either monthly (for recurring projects) or at project-end. Subject to prior approval.